Seton Exhausts

Seton Tuning have been developing race systems for over 10 years and are already well-established and trusted supplier of high quality, high  performance racing exhaust systems. We can supply exhausts manufactured out of stainless steel and titanium.


In recent times, noise restrictions, even at race tracks, have become tighter. We can provide you with a silencer to satisfy the restrictions without compromising horsepower figures. Our silencers are manufactured from the highest quality materials, therefore combining race proven technology to deliver maximum performance, minimum weight, ultimate durability and regulatory compliance.

Our silencers are available in both oval and round construction and can be supplied not only as the silencer for a Seton system but as a more cost effective replacement for every other manufacturer’s silencer.

The two options of Seton silencer

1  Clubman Silencer
This is our base model Silencer delivering all of the performance enhancements and noise compliance of all Seton silencers and coupled with the ultimate pricing efficiency.

The Clubman silencer utilizes an aluminum outer sleeve with stainless steel internals. This will pass ACU Noise Regulations.

2 The Ghost Race Silencer
The Ghost Race Silencer utilizes all of the advantages of the Clubman Silencer with reduced weight and improver esthetics. This is achieved by using a titanium outer sleeve and lighter hand fabricated tapered perforated stainless steel core. In addition to this the Ghost has a carbon cap and a removable baffle that reduces noise to below 102db with the lowest reduction in performance of any silencer on the market with a baffle fitted. We have seen less than 1hp power reduction on every bike tested.

Race Systems

An exhaust system is no longer just a means of getting unwanted gases away from an engine, it is for all intents and purposes a musical instrument with the harmonic resonance created by it’s design; allowing increases in efficiency releasing extra horsepower.

All of our race systems are developed in-house to provide the ultimate performance from your racing engine.


All modern motorcycles have a catalytic convertor built into their exhaust system in order to reduce noxious emissions. However, most racing regulations dictate that catalytic convertors must be removed in order to comply.

Fitting an aftermarket race system is one means of complying with race regulations. The De-Cat work we offer is another. The full performance benefits offered by our race system are not completely mirrored in our de-cat work, there is still a significant improvement in efficiency at a fraction of the cost.


We can provide custom built noise reducing baffles. The unique design allows you to regulate and modify the noise of your vehicle by moving the perforated cage to facilitate increased or decreased output volumes. 


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